life and the meaning of freedom

sâmbătă, 7 martie 2009

do u feel free?i dont....and u know why?is not because others do that to me because of me...freedom is a state of a not e real thing that someone can take it from you....freedom is when i wake up in the morning and i stay in bed more than i should....freedom is when i choose what to eat instead of eating what i should....freedom is furfilling ur dreams instead of doing what u suppose to do cause not always ur dreams match ur is is is the symbol of freedom...livin it is ur own personal choice.....u shouldnt blame anyone for the way u live ur life....u have to adapt to the needs of live.....freedom....a life without freedom is a sky without clouds....boring....freedom is the happiness is the sugar...we need them both in order to live....we dont need them if we only want to u feel free....i will....i better be....cause life without freedom has no makes u wonder why should you live that u feel free?...i starting writting this things down and it makes me wanna do more about time for me to feel free...why dont u do the same.......bye

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